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Few know that the Lifestyle Designer Raghavendra Rathore began his journey studying robotics and making electronic circuits with sensors to mimic humans sensibilities. The passion for technology remain even though fashion and design have been at the helm of Rathore’s brand. When the tech boom was first emerging in India, Rajiv Makhani, one of the most leading voices for Digital Innovation in the country, hosted Raghavendra Rathore on the NDTV Tech Show, Gadget Guru and spoke about iCarbon –one of India’s first apps ahead of its time designed by Rathore and his team. One of his first ventures in the art world was creating an installation to raise funds for AMFAR along with renowned names like CK, Cristo and other eminent art and creative legends.


Continuing the legacy of technological innovation in 2021, Raghavendra Rathore is the first designer to take his personal art and present it as NFT’s making it priceless and one of its kind. A key differentiating factor in these NFT’s is the celebration of heritage and old world charm creating a canvas for everything that the RR brand stands for, securing the legacy through the Block-chain eternally. A portion of all sale proceeds will be donated to the Raghavendra Rathore Foundation (RRF), that is dedicated to empowering the lives of communities through mentorship programs, cultural experiences and scholarship opportunities.


Indo-Imperial symbols, with accents of our cultural identity are juxtaposed with a deep orange, representing the victory through sacrifices and a deep red symbolizing the passionate fury. Transition offers a futuristic peak into the artists’ mind.

Home Coming

Heritage and our cultural roots act as  vivid reminders as we approach the future landscape. Raghavendra Rathore ventures deep inside the rich historical past and draws to translate the same through a modern lens.

The Kremlin Key – Key to cross-borders

Here cross border culturalism is brought to forefront by fusing inspiration from the era of the Czar’s Object’s d’Art with the subtle reminders of the Raj. A tribute to the opulence of the bygone era create a permanent link with the colourful palettes of the modern world.

Vintage Mist

An enchanting piece that fuses a world of past fantasy radiating with energy and movement. Here, heritage passes through the toxic age of our present and resurrects itself through a deep connect to the  roots that stitch together the fabric of society.


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