About RRF

Dedicated to Maharaj Swaroop Singh’s lifelong ambition to help the underprivileged, the Raghavendra Rathore Foundation [RRF] aims to use design as a tool to help the disadvantaged section of society. Some of our most luxurious products are designed and manufactured by an inclusive scheme where we involved the underprivileged to help us put our products together. We thank all our clients who have helped us bring more awareness which has brought a positive transformation in people’s lives.


The Purpose


Touch Lives

“You may not be able to change everyone's lives but for that one being, you may have changed his entire life.”


Bring Smiles

“Bring back what they might have lost somewhere keeping themselves alive.”


Empower Them

“Help them to make a living of their own with dignity.”

©2017 Raghavendra Rathore Foundation

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