About RRF

Dedicated to Maharaj Swaroop Singh’s lifelong ambition to help the underprivileged, the Raghavendra Rathore Foundation [RRF] aims to use design as a tool to help the disadvantaged section of society. Some of our most luxurious products are designed and manufactured by an inclusive scheme where we involved the underprivileged to help us put our products together. We thank all our clients who have helped us bring more awareness which has brought a positive transformation in people’s lives.

Our Intent



“Most of us keep on planning to do some good, in our own way, but we at RRF believe in implementation and action at the earliest.”



“It is important for us to make the support structure self sustainable so that anybody who is a benefactor is not dependent on aid and help beyond a certain point.”



“We encourage our partnerships to be sensitive to the new world order, it is important for us to kosher our approach in a way that it is an investment in the future.”

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