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RRF Mandate

Uplift the Underprivileged & Help Incubate Young Entrepreneurs

Our focus is to encourage corporate partnerships through projects that are seeded by the RRF foundation to help the underprivileged become more self-sustainable, self-reliant and learn to earn their own place in society by becoming relevant through ideas seeded by the foundation.

RRF foundation also keeps a close watch on young talent and their immaculate sense of creativity. We invest in ideas that have the potential to grow and flourish, by supporting individuals from all backgrounds as a business incubator with resources that they may need at the very beginning of their journey.

The fashion design house Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur prides itself in working with the RRF foundation and find ways to contribute back to society.

Local Development

Hygiene and local development of well-being for villages and localities that are struggling with epidemics and lack of infrastructure, our the main recipients of funds depending on the ability of local infrastructure.

Village cleanup drive.jpg

Water Harvesting

The most precious resource in the Thar it is water, conserving their natural resource with a hygienic and a well thought out plan for the hot summer months is a necessity for the parched pockets of civilization in the desert.

Village cleanup drive 2.jpg

Old Age Support

Providing basic amenities and support to various old home refuges is an important function of RRF, with little resources we have been able to bring happiness to some of the loneliest people who feel forgotten and dejected.

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Women Empowerment

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Finding new ways through design have women from smaller clusters sustain their livelihood is part of the mandate that RRF was initiated with. Various products are conceived with their talent and infused into the main offering of the Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur brand, giving a purpose and a livelihood to hundreds.

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