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Bus travel will never be the same again, thanks to new 'moving hotel' Cabin.

This California-based start-up is revolutionising the 650-kilometre (400 miles) journey between San Francisco and Los Angeles with revamped double-decker buses offering a sleeper service between the two hubs.

For just $115 (or about £89) each way, travellers will be given their own hotel-grade bed complete with plenty of luxe amenities.

Here's how it works: Cabin, previously Sleepbus, departs either San Francisco or LA at 11pm and arrives at the destination at 7am.

Along the way, passengers have access to their own private sleeping pods, complete with window, privacy curtain, reading light and even an outlet.

Aside from the 24 beds on board, there's also a stylish lounge space, shared bathroom facilities and, of course, Wi-Fi

And, much like a stationary hotel, tired travellers will also have the option of a 'late check-out.' (This means they can stay in the bus until 9am instead.

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